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Aviva Havanese Welcomes You!

Native Breed of Cuba - Historically Known As The Havana Silk Dog

Located in California

This site is dedicated to my beautiful Havanese who are most importantly beloved family members and my constant companions. Not a kennel, this is a home where my Havanese are loved, treasured, and always near me. This loving relationship between my dogs and I is one of the greatest blessings of my life.

This site is also dedicated to you, Dear Visitor, who is probably visiting my website because you are looking for a happy, healthy Havanese puppy from a reputable breeder.  It is with a little sadness that I have recently ended my breeding program.  Life has a way of throwing curve balls and taking unexpected turns.  2013 was year of health challenges and setbacks for me so I am no longer able to do this wonderful breed justice as a breeder.  If you have never considered how much energy, time, and money goes into being a reputable hobby breeder, I can tell you it is IMMENSE.  Puppies and their parents need tremendous love, socialization experiences, grooming, health care, and a clean home environment.  The job is 24/7!  The reputable breeder should also be a lifelong support for you as you raise your puppy into an adult dog.  It is not easy for me to give up something I enjoyed so much:  the excitement of a planned breeding, precious puppies underfoot, and the joy of sharing my special puppies with loving families.  However, since I am no longer physically up for the job, I accept the wisdom of Ecclesiastes 3:1:  To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.  I am moving on to a new season of my life which does not include breeding.

However, one thing will not change.  Born a dog lover, I will forever be a dog lover!  My dogs will continue to be my much loved companions and a fullfilling part of my everyday life and well-being.  My passion for the Havanese breed continues as well.  I treasure the continued relationships with families of Aviva Havanese puppies as well as my Havanese fancier friends, some of them outstanding breeders.  I also plan to keep my website active for the time being so my visitors can access helpful links and information pertaining to the Havanese breed and their care.

Thank you for visiting my website.  If you are looking for a Havanese puppy, please visit the puppies page of Aviva Havanese for links to breeders who may be able to help you.

Best Wishes Always, 

Karen Pike
Life is just better with my Havanese!



Proud Member: Havanese Club of America



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